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Is Czech Republic base company that founded by two business men who cover different area of business with same and shared goals. The company has connected through its shareholders by three more enterprises based in Iran. The main reason that Golden Bridge Road s.r.o established was play as facilitator in businesses between Iran and European countries. Import some products from Europe and export some compatible Iranian products to Europe benchmark. Main product import from Europe for first phase include fertilizer, Organic fertilizer, Garden Equipment, Horticultural equipment, and hybrid Seeds. Products are exporting from Iran include Structural and Buildings Stones, Raisin, Saffron.

In addition Golden Bridge Road s.r.o consult and assist International or foreign European companies who are willing to sell or purchase products, goods, and services to or from Iran. CEOs of the company happily would participate for desirable marketing project.

“We are more than welcome you to advice and share our knowledge about Iran’s current and future business ambiance and market structure” PAYAM said, “we know how much is difficult to enter new market and it would be more difficult if the target market was spread from international market for while”. If you would like to enter Iran’s market or supply some raw or finished products it worth to share with us.
“One of the main mission of GBR is to expose latest and newest agricultural technology and biotechnology to Iran’s market and localize it as much as possible” MOHAMMAD said, “in this way we are most welcome any company to cooperate.”

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